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Popcorn Machine Hire {on display base}


At Major Entertainments we offer a few different type of hire options, this it means we can build packages so that we can cater for everyones needs.


The popcorn machine and cart can be hired to fit in with any celebration. From weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and many more.

Our popcorn machine is very popular not only it smells and tastes amazing but complete with the machine and the trolley it looks the part too.


We cook all the popcorn fresh on site by one of our fully trained operators. The popcorn makes a beautiful aroma that is so tempting that your guests will not be able to resist. It's the most perfect guilt free snack because it's virtually fat free, so it can keep your guests free from hunger whilst they await the sit down dinner or the buffet food that you have planned. It's also a great addition at any party or event.


Self ran option

This is very popular on corporate events where you may require our machine for a longer period.

This is also a very cost effective way and brilliant if your trying to get peoples attention.

We provide popcorn machines throughout the uk for many events and exhibitions and the feedback we get is it's a great way to get people to come and see you at your stand.



We can also supply our popcorn machine with your company branding.

The cones or boxes we supply can also be fully branded or our most popular option we do is to brand the box/cones with stickers. This can all be arranged and branded prior to us dropping the equipment off.


Whats included:

Commercial popcorn machine

Red Trolly

Ingredients - Kernels, oil, flavouring or salt.

Serving utensils - Popcorn scoop and measuring cups

Cleaning items - (If using more then one day)

Apron & Gloves

Full Instructions and demonstration.

Food Services

Candy Floss Machine


Our candy floss machines really are amazing not only it tastes grate but people love watching our trained oporators making it just as much.


We offer a large amount of different colours and exciting range of flavors. Our oporator is able to go between flavors so we can keep evenyone happy so you don't have to keep with one for the hole event.