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Outdoor Medium Stage Hire

We supply a variety of different types of staging, ranging in height and size, for indoor and outdoor use. These can be supplied in a range of different colours and styles, to create the right ambiance for your event, yet still serving the purpose. All the stages are finished to a high standard made out of metal making the stage very strong and durable with brilliant weight loads.


We have a variety of stages that are perfect for small outdoor events to large festival production packages. The outdoor festival production stages are fully waterproof and can be hired as a basic shell or can come complete many extras such as sound, lighting, visuals, effects etc

If you would like any more information about our staging or how we can help with your event then please get in contact and have a chat to a member of our events team.

Recomended Extras for Medium Stage Package

Sound System

Large Sound Package 1,900w


2 x 15" Speakers 350w

2 x 18" Bass Cab 600w

2 x Speaker Poles

All inter-connecting Leads


£95.00 + vat

Lighting Systems

Medium - Lighting Package 1


2 x Lighting Stands  

8 x  Outdoor LED Wash Flood lights

4 x Stage back wash


£120.00 + vat

Medium - Lighting Package 2


2 x Lighting Stand  

4 x  Outdoor LED Wash Flood lights

4 x Stage back wash

4 x Moving Mini Heads


£200.00 + vat

Effects Systems

Large Fog Machine

From £25.00 + vat

CO2 Vertical Effect Machine

From £40.00 + vat

Snow Machine

From £25.00 + vat

Dual Confetti Cannons Package

From £68.00 + vat

Multi Colour Laser

From £40.00 + vat

We also provide:


Mixing Desk's

Huge range of speakers


Pioneer CDJ's & Mixers


Mic's, Stands, DI's Cable's



Moving Heads Wash

Moving Heads Spots

Led Wash / Pars

UV Lights



Outdoor Dome's


Led Strips



Sky scanners

DMX Desk's

DMX Software

Power & Distro

Cable Guard Hire


13a Cable & Distro

16a Cable & Distro

32a Cable & Distro

63a Cable & Distro


LED Screens


Stands & Supports

DJ Booths


Effect Machines

Event Furniture

Crowd barriers

PA Wings & Towers

Visual Equipment

Live feed cameras

Outdoor Medium Stage Package 6m x 4m

6m x 4m Outdoor Stage Package:


1 x 6m x 4m Popup roof (With or without sides)

12 x (2m x 1m Section)

48 x Aluminium legs

(Choice of different heights)

1 x Step

Includes: Deck Levellers, Deck Clamps & Stage skirt


Total £350 + Vat

Outdoor stage 6x4

Pro FBT Medium Sound Package 4,300W


Amazing high quality.

2 x FBT ProMaxX 114a Speakers

2 x FBT Q118SA Bass Speakers

2 x Speaker Poles

All inter-connecting Leads


£220.00 + vat