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Bucking Bronco Hire & Surfboard Simulator Hire


When it comes to transforming your party from a pleasurable get-together to a night that everyone will remember, there’s no easier way to do so than with Rodeo Bull or surfboard hire


You and your guests will have the opportunity to try and stay atop of the mechanical beast whilst it spins and bucks its way through ten different speeds, separating the winners from the losers as it moves swiftly through the levels. If you’re concerned about safety, don’t be – its inflatable surroundings will ensure that everyone taking part will remain safe and sound throughout. Complete with an LED display designed to show both the riders and spectators just how long (or short!) a time they managed, it’s very much the perfect addition to any party or celebration.


Our staff are expertly trained in the assembling, maintenance and safety of all of our items, and this is no different when it comes to our Rodeo Bull Hire. Providing you have a suitable amount of space for the bull itself – a minimum space will need to be 31” wide to get the base unit through and then a subsequent 16ft by 16ft of floor space and 9ft head height are also required – then we guarantee safety and security while you and your guests are enjoying the ride.

We’ll be on hand throughout the event to supervise its usage, meaning there will be an added level of safety and to ensure that nobody endangers themselves needlessly. For more information about investing in our Rodeo Bull hire, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.


All our hires come complete with the following extras free of charge:

Inflatable roof (If used outside)

Flood lights for use in dark areas / outside use at night.

Fully insured service

Friendly member of staff to operate equipment throughout your hire.

Rodeo Bull / Bucking Bronco / Surfboard Simulator